The fairboard consists of 15 members who are elected by members of the Waseca County Agricultural Society on the third Tuesday in November of each year.

The fair board holds monthly meetings on the second Monday of every month. If you would like to be placed on the agenda for a meeting please contact Robin Dulas at 507-461-0314. Meetings are open to the public and start promptly at 7:00pm. Please contact Robin Dulas to confirm exact meeting dates.

To become a member of the Waseca County Agricultural Society, please contact Robin Dulas. Membership dues are $5 per year with first time 3 year minimum.

The annual meeting of the Waseca County Agricultural Society is held the 3rd Tuesday of every November in the meeting room of the fairgrounds in building #8. Everyone is invited to attend.

2017 Fair Board Officers, Directors & Staff

2017 WCFF Committees

  • BEER GARDEN/HOSPITALITY:  Tyler H, Mike H, Jeff J, Dale S, Trevor K
  • CREATIVE ARTS: Kelly M, Joan I, Kris M
  • FACILITIES, EQUIPMENT, PARADE:  Dale S, Tyler H, Mike H, Paul N, Gary D
  • FREE ENTERTAINMENT: Joan I, Trevor K, Kelly M
  • GRANDSTAND EVENTS:  Andrea H, Mike H, Tyler H, Jason S, Jeff J
  • GRANTS/HERITAGE PRESERVATION:  Robin D, Joan I, Dale S, Trevor K
  • INDOOR BOOTHS/OUTDOOR BOOTHS: Vince P, Dale S, Jeff J, Trevor K, Paul N
  • MEDIA SPOKESPERSON: Mike H, Paul N, Dale S
  • PARKING:  Jason S, Paul N, Mike H, Gary D
  • SPONSORSHIP, SIGNAGE, SAFETY:  Kelly M, Robin D, Jason S, Mike H
  • 4H COMMITTEE: Kris M, Jeff J, Andrea H


Fair Facts

According to the laws of the state of Minnesota, all County Fairs must be operated by the county Agricultural Societies. The County of Waseca owns the lands on which the Waseca County fair operates. They have leased the land to the Waseca County Agricultural Society.

It is the responsibility of the board of Directors of the Society to correlate any and all activities that take place on the fairgrounds. The board of Directors is composed of fifteen members who serve for terms of three years. Directors are elected at the Annual Meeting of the Society which is held in November. Following the annual Meeting of all members, all elected directors then meet and hold election of officers. Elected are: President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. These elected officers, abiding by the constitution and By-Laws of the Organization, carry out the policies and wishes of the board and coordinate the hundreds of activities taking place during fair week as well as the balance of the year.

The fair grounds are used for many different kinds of activities during the year in addition to the fair, such as: Auctions, RV vehicle storage, Dog Shows, Horse Shows, Class and Family Reunions, Archery Club, Sleigh and Cutter parade line up, Mock Crash, Bike Safety Rally, Relay for Life and various other community events. ANYONE, ANY AGE CAN EXHIBIT AT THE WASECA COUNTY FAIR.

Special Recognitions


Each year after the fair opening ceremony, the WCFF recognizes members of the community and a special fair board members who have gone above and beyond to help continue the fair’s success.